Preparing for the first round of case studies workshops to evaluate the benefits of ecosystem services

CzechGlobe, specifically our department, is one of the partners participating in the One Nature project for Natura 2000 in the Czech Republic (LIFE17 IPE / CZ / 000005 LIFE-IP: N2K revisited). The project aims to set up and ensure a more efficient system of care for Natura 2000 sites in the Czech Republic. Running from 2019 to 2027, it connects the state administration with the academic sphere. Learn more on the project website

Authors: Ivana Žížalová, David Stella

As part of one of the project actions focused on the evaluation of socio-economic benefits of the Natura 2000 network, we are currently preparing case studies that will show the usability of the analysis of ecosystem services and of the values ​​of natural capital for individual stakeholder groups.

The aim of the study is to identify specific synergies, conflicts and compromises between individual benefits and stakeholders in the case areas. The case studies should also verify the applicability of previously developed approaches to integrating ecosystem services into decision-making processes.

The studies will take place in 2021–2024. A total of four rounds of workshops will take place in three selected areas: the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area, the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area and the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area / Sokolovsko.

We plan to address representatives of cities and municipalities, farmers, entrepreneurs, forest management representatives, conservationists, fishermen, non-profit organizations, etc. The selection of specific stakeholders is based on previous consultations with the users of the ecosystem services evaluation outputs and also on the experience of CzechGlobe and the Charles University Environment Centre, another partner of the One Nature project.

As mentioned previously, we are in the middle of preparations for the case studies. The first round of workshops will take place – depending on the epidemiological situation – either in autumn 2021 or spring 2022. Currently, we are establishing contacts and cooperation in selected localities, prioritizing benefits in these localities, and we are also continuously studying participatory methods that can be used for the evaluation of the benefits of ecosystem services.

The first round of workshops will primarily serve to introduce the concept of ecosystem services and to strengthen relationships with local stakeholders.

A Czech version of this post is available on the project website here. The original version of this post was also published on

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