Nástroje ochrany přírody v novém světle? Projekt MÚSES+ Veľký Šariš propojil přírodní a společenské vědy

Město Veľký Šariš, které se nachází na východním Slovensku, se v roce 2022 zapojilo do projektu MÚSES+, v rámci kterého získalo strategický dokument Místní územní systém ekologické stability (MÚSES) s přidanou sociální dimenzí (+). *Místní územní systém ekologické stability - ÚSES - je základním nástrojem ochrany přírody a krajiny, rozmanitosti podmínek a forem života, jakož... Continue Reading →

Living in unbearably hot cities – is this our future?

Climate change and its impacts, such as extreme heat, represent an unprecedented challenge for cities, causing overheating and threatening the future prosperity, health and well-being of urban residents. Climate adaptation is one of the central topics for sustainable cities and societies. Yet, we have limited knowledge about the magnitude of climate change that we will... Continue Reading →

Exploring urban futures for climate resilient cities

Uncertainties arising from the climate crisis and socioeconomic challenges are a key issue for urban planners in terms of future sustainability and wellbeing.  Climate change adaptation planning and practice have gained more attention in the past decade, and many cities around the world, including the cities in the Czech Republic, have adopted climate change adaptation... Continue Reading →

Public support for urban climate adaptation policy through nature-based solutions

The impacts of climate change on urban life require response in terms of adaptation planning. We investigated perceptions of and economic preferences for urban climate adaptation through nature-based solutions (NBS) in Prague and found that: (i) increased use of NBS is likely to generate significant economic public value; (ii) people perceive the species diversity of the NBS measures positively; (iii) NBS implemented in...

What is the value of a tree’s shadow?

Many cities around the world have pledged to increase urban tree cover because trees deliver diverse benefits for the climate, the environment and society. Urban trees purify the air, provide refuge for urban biodiversity and protect the passers-by from the sun, for example, which positively impacts urban public spaces. Tree care influences tree health and vitality, which, in turn, determine the level of the benefits provided. However...

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