We visited case study sites selected for assessment of benefits of ecosystem services

Kladská nature trail in PLA Slavkovský les

In January 2022 we visited three case study sites where we met with representatives of the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR) and thus established key cooperation leading to the smooth running of future activities of the One Nature project in the areas (more broadly about the project itself in the last section of this post).

These case studies are to show the usability of the ecosystem services and natural capital values analysis for individual stakeholder groups. The aim of the study at the case study sitees is to identify specific synergies, conflicts and compromises between individual benefits and stakeholders.

The case studies will take place in 2022-2024, with the first round taking place this spring. A total of 4 rounds of workshops will take place in three selected areas – PLA Třeboňsko, PLA Křivoklátsko and PLA Slavkovský les.

Our consultations with the NCA CR representatives at the individual sites provided space for us to present our activities in the One Nature project, to supplement our table of contacts of local stakeholders and subsequently to prioritize and assess the strength of their influence in the area. The NCA CR plays a crucial role in these areas thanks to their knowledge of the area and their knowledge of local actors and other site experts.

At the same time in Třeboň, we visited the Department of the Environment of the city of Třeboň and met with the head and three other employees of the department. In Křivoklát, CzechGlobe met the Mayor of Velká Buková, who is also an NCA CR employee.

The first round of the case study workshops will primarily serve to introduce the concept of ecosystem services and to strengthen relationships with local stakeholders.

The One Nature Project

CzechGlobe, specifically our department, is one of the partners participating in the One Nature project for Natura 2000 in the Czech Republic (LIFE17 IPE / CZ / 000005 LIFE-IP: N2K revisited). The project aims to set up and ensure a more efficient system of care for Natura 2000 sites in the Czech Republic. Running from 2019 to 2027, it connects the state administration with the academic sphere. You can learn more on the project website www.jednapriroda.cz.

Authors: Ivana Žížalová, David Stella

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