IP LIFE visited some of the Special Area of Conservation in Bohemian Central Uplands this October

CzechGlobe is one of the organizations that has been participating in the integrated LIFE project “One Nature” for the Natura 2000 system in the Czech Republic since 2019 (LIFE17 IPE / CZ / 000005 LIFE-IP: N2K revisited). The aim of this project is to set up and ensure a more efficient system of care for Natura 2000 sites in the Czech Republic. The project runs from 2019 to 2027 and connects the state administration with the academic sphere. Learn more on the project website www.jednapriroda.cz.

Authors: Ivana Žížalová, Jitka Kozubková

The landscape of the Bohemian Central Uplands from the Dlouhý hill.

The 4th Monitoring mission of One Nature project took a place on 19th and 20th of October. Representatives from NEEMO (Michaela Mariňáková, Jan Slíva and Jan Vančura), who are responsible for the monitoring of LIFE projects, were able to see how well the project activities are going.

After a one-year break, the monitoring team and representatives of all five project partners (AOPK, COŽP, MŽP, CZG, SoWa) went altogether on the 20 th of October to the Bohemian Central Uplands, the field part of the mission. The monitoring team and representatives of project partners visited four Special Areas of Conversation (SAC), namely Kleneč, Březina, Oblík – Srdov – Brník and Sinutec – Dlouhý hill. The weather was great to visit the terrain, therefore nothing prevented the instructive and interesting interpretations of experts from the AOPK CR, the Administration of the Protected Landscape Area of České středohoří and representatives of various land owners (Lesy ČR, the village of Libčeves).

All participants of the Monitoring mission at the top of Brník.
Information board about the invasive Robinia pseudoacacia in SAC Kleneč.
Information board about the excavated pond in SAC Březina for better thrive of the protected species Triturus cristatus and Leucorrhinia pectoralis.
Information board about measures such as grazing or liquidation of overgrowth trees in SAC Oblík – Srdov – Brník.
Successful climb to the top of Brník.

A Czech version of this post is available on the project website here. The original version of this post was also published on www.jednapriroda.cz.

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