How to best address climate change? Reflections on the Science for Net-Zero Transition and Empowering Policy Makers panels

In November of last year, The United Kingdom hosted 26 United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). The Climate talks brought together over 30 000 delegates, among them Climate experts, politicians and activists to discuss actions in order to address climate change. In the fringe of COP26, UKRI and Science Europe convened the Science... Continue Reading →

Just landscape transformation in the perspective of people from Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia) and Valašsko (Moravian Wallachia) regions

Our current case study within the Just Scapes project (see in Slovácko and Valašsko regions focuses on exploring the relationship between people’s willingness to accept and implement transformative changes in landscapes around them and their perception of environmental justice of these changes. In particular, we are interested in landscape changes related to climate change adaptation and tree cover in agricultural landscapes (alleys,... Continue Reading →

What are the conservation-development conflicts when it comes to wolves (Canis lupus) in the Czech countryside?

When it comes to large carnivores in Europe, what are the main issues described by farmers, foresters and herd keepers, and what are the just measures to give both parties (animals and humans) their needed living space?  The return of large carnivores to Europe as a means of rewilding nature is gradually becoming one of the burning issues for a variety of... Continue Reading →

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