When legality is not enough: moving beyond legal land tenure for urban farmers in Soweto, South Africa

Urban agriculture is widely supported across developing countries as it has proven to be a vital livelihood strategy among the urban poor, resulting in various benefits, including enhanced food security and socioeconomic empowerment. Many researchers and policymakers stress that legal land tenure is one of the key assets that help to enhance the potential of... Continue Reading →

LIFE LOCAL ADAPT project comes to an end.

Project LIFE LOCAL ADAPT aims to integrate climate change adaptation into the work of urban authorities on a local level. Six partners from four countries (figure 1) came together in 2016 to start a five-year project that addressed: Improvement of data and information base on climate change impactsEnhancing the knowledge of municipalities on climate change... Continue Reading →

Public support for urban climate adaptation policy through nature-based solutions

The impacts of climate change on urban life require response in terms of adaptation planning. We investigated perceptions of and economic preferences for urban climate adaptation through nature-based solutions (NBS) in Prague and found that: (i) increased use of NBS is likely to generate significant economic public value; (ii) people perceive the species diversity of the NBS measures positively; (iii) NBS implemented in...

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