Degrowth debunked or decoupling debunked?

Beyond economic growth in sustainability debates. We quite often witness heated disputes on the direction of sustainability transitions. These debates are slowly making its way also to popular spaces and the media, often distorted and biased. Within this discourse, there are two recognisable ideological streams: one representing the proponents of ...

System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is an internationally accepted framework for the collection of data linking environmental and economic statistics. The same definitions, guidelines and approaches are applied in the SEEA and the System of National Accounts (SNA), which is an internationally agreed framework for the measurement of economic activity. Therefore, the SEEA is compatible... Continue Reading →

Public support for urban climate adaptation policy through nature-based solutions

The impacts of climate change on urban life require response in terms of adaptation planning. We investigated perceptions of and economic preferences for urban climate adaptation through nature-based solutions (NBS) in Prague and found that: (i) increased use of NBS is likely to generate significant economic public value; (ii) people perceive the species diversity of the NBS measures positively; (iii) NBS implemented in...

What is the value of a tree’s shadow?

Many cities around the world have pledged to increase urban tree cover because trees deliver diverse benefits for the climate, the environment and society. Urban trees purify the air, provide refuge for urban biodiversity and protect the passers-by from the sun, for example, which positively impacts urban public spaces. Tree care influences tree health and vitality, which, in turn, determine the level of the benefits provided. However...

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