BIONEXT: Poskytování integrovaných řešení krize biologické rozmanitosti

Odborníci z CzechGlobe se připojují k předním evropským vědcům, aby poskytli praktická a účinná řešení pro řešení globální krize biodiverzity. Nový čtyřletý projekt BIONEXT, financovaný z programu EU pro výzkum a inovace Horizon Europe, přinese nové poznatky demonstrující, jakými způsoby je biologická rozmanitost základem všech aspektů života, včetně vody, kterou pijeme, potravin, které jíme, a... Continue Reading →

BIONEXT: Providing integrated solutions to the biodiversity crisis

Experts from CzechGlobe are joining leading scientists from across Europe to provide practical and effective solutions for addressing the global biodiversity crisis. The new four-year project, BIONEXT, funded by the EU’s research and innovation program Horizon Europe, will produce new evidence to demonstrate how biodiversity underpins every aspect of life, including the water we drink,... Continue Reading →

Launching project Planet4B (Horizon RIA)

It has long been known that higher levels of biodiversity underpin good ecosystem health and functions and, conversely, continued biodiversity loss threatens both the biosphere and human life. Research provides evidence supporitng these facts and identifies the main cause - humans. The world’s ecosystem may undergo drastic changes and even alter to new states thanks... Continue Reading →

Living in unbearably hot cities – is this our future?

Climate change and its impacts, such as extreme heat, represent an unprecedented challenge for cities, causing overheating and threatening the future prosperity, health and well-being of urban residents. Climate adaptation is one of the central topics for sustainable cities and societies. Yet, we have limited knowledge about the magnitude of climate change that we will... Continue Reading →

Showing people who work in nature conservation how they can use findings from assessment of nature’s contributions to people (NCP)

Authors: Kateřina Mácová, Jitka Kozubková We introduced the topic of ecosystem services to almost sixty people working in nature conservation at two seminars held in Prague and Brno in May (as part of the One Nature project). This was a step forward to greater availability of the concept of assessment of nature’s services and contributions... Continue Reading →

Proběhne plenární zasedání platformy pro biodiverzitu a ekosystémové služby IPBES

3.–9. července 2022 proběhne v Bonnu 9. plenární zasedání Mezivládní vědecko-politické platformy pro biodiverzitu a ekosystémové služby (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, IPBES). IPBES představuje “rozhraní mezi vědou a politikou” (science-policy interface), tedy platformu, která sdružuje politické zástupce jednotlivých zemí a odborníky na otázky biologické rozmanitosti (biodiverzity), ekosystémových služeb a udržitelnosti. IPBES... Continue Reading →

Researching Sustainability, Doing Sustainability

We have recently launched a new project to prompt sustainability within the Czech Academy of Sciences. Here, we introduce our project: Mainstreaming Eco-Sustainability through CAS Activities (MESCAS). What is MESCAS? MESCAS is working to mainstream sustainability through our research and operational activities in departments and institutes of the Academy. Over this first year, we are... Continue Reading →

The Department Highlights of 2021

Would you like to read our highlights of 2021? We have prepared a little newsletter to show you what we have done over the last year. We wish you a wonderful winter holiday, and look forward to seeing you again in 2022. highlights2021_finalDownload

Who should be learning what for sustainable textiles?

Learning from others to share innovations and world views is an important pathway to achieving sustainability. The basic premise is that when people know more about sustainability, they will act to achieve sustainability. Such learning can be about what sustainability is, or the impact of their current actions, or innovations or alternative actions that can... Continue Reading →

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