Golf Vinoř questions land use in subsurban landscape using citizen science

Research at CzechGlobe does not focus only on the global scale; some of it also deals with local issues that can be tackled using current scientific approaches. One such project is Golf Vinoř Citizen Science, which is looking for possible solutions to land use in suburban landscape using citizen science approaches. The main objectives of the project are to increase awareness of social science research, to engage with stakeholders in a case study and to raise awareness of land use, potential benefits to stakeholders and potential solutions. 

The golf site spreads over an area larger than 100 ha. Photo: David Stella

At the turn of 2021 and 2022, the entire site was a new wilderness with no direct management and an unclear future. At that moment, the Golf Vinoř Citizen science project sought to find potential uses for the site, involving local institutions, residents and other stakeholders. It focused on the identification of potential uses and realistic management of the area. Within a few months, however, another entity stepped in to resolve the property relations with the former management and had a clear goal – to open the golf course to the golfing public as soon as possible and bring the entire golf course project back to life. This step made the Golf Vinoř citizen science project slightly shift its research question and focus. 

The poetry of golf in winter. During the winter months, the area is often used for cross-country skiing or ice skating. Photo: David Stella

Based on the situation in the second half of last year, we approached several experts to develop a series of assessments and recommendations. One of the objectives of these documents is to recommend good management practices to achieve sustainable environment while adhering to the basic principles for promoting biodiversity and ecosystem services. One of the assessments was prepared by ornithologist Dr. Ales Toman, who evaluated the site in terms of present and migratory avifauna. Dr. Jiří Sádlo mapped the local botanical findings including a broader view of the historical and sociological development of the site. Another assessment, including recommendations for the promotion of local entomofauna, was a paper dealing with invertebrates at the Vinoř golf site, prepared by entomologist Mgr. Tomas Jora. To bring together all the information related to the Golf Vinoř project, we have created a simple web – Golf Vinoř. This website briefly describes the historical development of the site, brings together all the assessments, articles, information and mainly provides space for map questionnaires. The Maptionnare platform we used provides a place to create simple questionnaires that help to obtain spatial information from interested persons and entities. In December, we received over 200 responses to the first questionnaire regarding the use of the surrounding area and planned projects. In January we have published another questionnaire, the so-called feeling maps, which allow to map and display people’s feelings, thoughts or experiences in space. In the coming months we plan to send out another questionnaire regarding biodiversity and the possibilities of using the space for support. Recently, we have also managed to establish a cooperation with the Department of Landscape Architecture at the CTU (Doc. Klára Salzmann). We plan to engage students in planning and supporting the transformation of the social-ecological system as part of their semester work, and to help in achieving harmony between ecological principles and governance at the local level. The project is supported from the Strategy AV21 programme of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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