TRANSPATH: How to make biodiversity and climate actions synergistic and just?

Experts from CzechGlobe are joining an international consortium to study what pathways could help us transform the chains between extraction, production, consumption and trade, to achieve positive outcomes for climate and biodiversity.

The new four-year project, TRANSPATH, is funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe. It will identify leverage points and interventions for triggering transformative changes at consumer, producer and organisational levels through inclusive deliberation. A research team, comprising a mix of leading academics, science-policy experts, and early-career professionals in the global North and South, will engage with different types of stakeholders who influence or are influenced by various stages between production and consumption, in order to address the coupled challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change. These include policymakers and practitioners, individuals, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and multinational corporations. Participatory methodologies will be used to understand the complex systems dynamics of interacting societal visions and pathways.

Credit: TRANSPATH project

TRANSPATH seeks ways how to scale up biodiversity- and climate- friendly behaviours in general, and specifically consumption and production behaviours, through social innovations together with structural economic changes in global trade regulations, EU’s financial sector, and drivers and interventions in global commodity chains. The project provides a unique chance to develop transformative pathways in the distinct contexts of Western and Eastern Europe, to look for what these pathways share across both regions, and what are the differences that might be specific for different political, economic, cultural and historical backgrounds. In this way, the project aims to provide a more nuanced and just picture of potential transformative changes in Europe.

TRANSPATH is coordinated by Wageningen University & Research, with 12 partners from 9 European countries. For more information, see the TRANSPATH Twitter @TranspathEU.

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