Ecosystem resilience through sustainability policies: transdisciplinary process from Barcelona

This blog post is based around a research article ‘Adaptive resilience of and through urban ecosystem services: A trans-disciplinary approach to sustainability in Barcelona’ (de Luca C., Langemeyer J., Vaňo S., Baró F., Andersson E., in press, Ecology and Society, 2021) which emerged from the collaborations during the Biodiversa project ‘ENABLE - Enabling Green and... Continue Reading →

Making re-naturalisation of cities a common practice

Cities provide a locus for sustainability. We live on an increasingly urban planet. Roughly three-quarters of Europe’s population lives in cities today, including the Czech republic. Scientists predict that this will be the case for the rest of the world by the second half of this century. People are moving into cities and thus cities... Continue Reading →

Getting a grasp on urban challenges and futures in face of the climate crisis: The collaborative scenario-based techniques.

Climate crisis is happening here and now… and we must act! But do we know the whats, wheres, whens, and hows? We are witnessing an escalating climate crisis worldwide. Urban areas, accommodating a large portion of the world’s population, experience growing concerns from climate-related impacts in relatively compact space. Increasing risks of heatwaves due to... Continue Reading →

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